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At Alpine Mortgage, we specialize in providing a variety of hard money residential loans, commercial loans and construction loans. We lend to individual and corporate borrowers on all residential and commercial properties. We specialize in short term real estate secured loans, often called bridge loans and/or hard money loans.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

The term "Hard Money Loan" is a type of non-bankable loan. Usually this means a loan where the hard money lender can approve the loan request based upon the value of the assets and the equity in the assets, without the need for much of the usual time consuming documentation and verification that a more traditional lender might require to lend the same amount of money.

Our hard money loans can fund quickly and are based upon the value of the real estate or collateral anchoring the loan without regard to the borrower's income employment, assets or tax returns. Our hard money loan programs will tend to over look many items that are critical to a traditional lender.

Hard Money Loan Program Details

  • LOAN SIZE: $100,000 to $3 Million
  • LOAN TERMS: Amortized from 2 to 30 years
  • LOAN TO VALUE: Up to 65%
  • CLOSING: 30-45 days

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