Mortgage After Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy Home Loans

A Bankruptcy may stay on your record for 7 years, but that does not prevent you from securing a mortgage or home loan. Traditionally, a borrower would have to wait at least four years after a bankruptcy to even apply for a mortgage. Today, things are different. Alpine Mortgage specializes in helping borrowers who have had a recent bankruptcy refinance their mortgage or secure a new home loan.

Mortgage after Bankruptcy: If your bankruptcy has been discharged, even if it has been recently discharged, you are able to qualify for a mortgage.

We understand that life's circumstances may have caused you to file for a bankruptcy. In fact, millions of good people like you have benefited from the fresh start that bankruptcy offers. Alpine Mortgage realizes that these people who have had a bankruptcy should not have to wait four long years to enjoy the right of home ownership or to utilize the equity in a home. With this in mind, Alpine Mortgage has a variety of bankruptcy loan programs designed especially for you!

Bankruptcy Home Loan Details

  • Mortgage loans after bankruptcy available after discharge for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Mortgage loans available for borrowers currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Charge offs and collections may not have to be paid off
  • First time home buyers and current renters are eligible to secure a mortgage after bankruptcy

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