Less-Than-Perfect-Credit? We can help!

Alpine Mortgage has a variety of bad credit loans for consumers with less than perfect credit. Our bad credit mortgage products and bad credit repair services can help put consumers on to the road to home ownership and financial independence.

Alpine Mortgage’s bad credit mortgage products and loans for bad credit can provide you with needed cash for a home even if your credit has any of the following:

  • Low Credit Scores
  • Bankruptcy
  • Previous Foreclosure
  • Late Payments
  • Medical Bills
  • Charge-offs

These and a host of other credit related issues can be overcome by our loans for borrowers with bad credit. Alpine Mortgage maintains a team of highly skilled industry professionals familiar with the company’s less than perfect credit mortgage products.

Call us today at (800) 876-LOAN to speak with one of our bad credit mortgage specialists or click here to have one of our bad credit mortgage specialists contact you.

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